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The One Day Training program is designed to introduce you to the ascetic practices of Mount Haguro in an immersive way, by including the important ceremonial and natural elements of the Yamabushi experience.

Training begins at 9:00am at the Daishobo pilgrim lodge at the base of Mount Haguro, and ends at 5:00pm at the lodge or on top of Mt. Haguro.

Please note that One Day Training does not include the popular Waterfall Meditation Session.

Training Location

With its stone stairway and five-storied pagoda situated amongst the hundreds of towering cedars and the thickest thatched roof in Japan at Sanjin-gosaiden Shrine, Mt. Haguro is the perfect location for an initiation into the world of the Yamabushi.


Schedule in 2019

Weekdays from May to November (excluding August)

Other options are available. Feel free to contact us.

Master Hoshino

All Yamabushido Programs are supervised by Master Hoshino, a famous local Yamabushi priest, and the 13th generation of his family to follow this vocation. Master Hoshino lives in and runs Daishōbō, a pilgrim lodge located at the foot of Mt. Haguro.

He has dedicated his life to living as a Yamabushi, introducing many people from all over the world to its mystical power.

His approach to the Yamabushi tradition is grounded in deep tradition, but also made deeply relevant to the way we live our lives today.

* Master Hoshino may not be present with the group throughout the whole program


Training concludes with a special meal of hand-made Shojin Cuisine and local Sake made by the landlady of Daishōbō. Please be aware that allergy free meals will not be available during Shugyō unless specially requested. The meals will include rice, miso paste (soybeans and rice), Tofu, Seaweed, Japanese herbs, mushrooms, and Fu (wheat gluten).

Allergy free meals will be available. Feel free to leave behind things that you cannot eat.

Transportation Service

To / From Shonai Airport or Tsuruoka Station is not included.

Minimum participants for running a program

1 people (Maximum : 15)


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Training Location
Mt. Haguro
One day
May to November Weekdays (excluding August)
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Options and customized experiences are also available.

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