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Two-day Yamabushi experience under the direction of a certified Yamabushi guide that takes place on Mt. Haguro and Mt. Kinbō. This program has less physical demand than the Full Yamabushi Training, yet maintains the waterfall meditation.

Day 1 Orientation and Authentic Yamabushi Practice

Day 2 Yamabushi Practice and reflection time over Naorai, a celebration lunch

Training Locations

Mt. Haguro, and Mt. Kinbō and their foothills

Mt. Haguro, one of the three Sacred Dewa Mountains in Shonai, which has 2,446 beautiful stone steps towered over by old cedar trees, acquired the Michelin Green Guide Japan 3 stars and the Japan Heritage Designation.

Mt. Kinbo, another Sacred Mountain, a local training place in Shonai as Dewa Mountains, the historical value and unique attractiveness of this place is now having more visitors as it used to be, especially popular among the local young Yamabushi.


Daishobo, one of the pilgrim lodges at the foothills of Dewa Mountains; large Japanese tatami rooms, shared with same gender of the tour group.


All meals are included. (During Shugyo, only a simple small meal for training purposes will be served.) After Shugyo, special Shojin Cuisine, all hand-made by the landlady of Yutagawa Onsen, with tasty local Sake will be served in a special huge cup. It is a sort of cerebration, going back to your daily life. It contains Rice, Miso paste (soybeans and rice), Tofu, Seaweed, Japanese herb, mushroom, Fu (wheat gluten).

Please be aware that allergy free meals will not be available during Shugyō.

Please be aware that we cannot change the content of the meals at during Shugyo Training. Feel free to leave behind things that you cannot eat.

Transportation Service

We are happy to help with transport arrangements to and from Daishobo. Just ask.


Training Locations
Mt. Haguro, and Mt. Kinbo and their foothills
2 days, 1 night
Contact us.

Options and customized experiences are also available.

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