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Our mission is to share cultural programs of mind, spirit and body with citizens of the world, to equip them with what they need to be mindful, restored, and happy. In particular, we offer the tools of the Yamabushi and the Dewa Sanzan culture to anyone who feels that it is a useful path of self-awareness and self-development.


Communication of our culture

We value the continued communication of our precious local culture. In particular, the ways in which our culture can benefit the world.

We donate 10 percent of our revenue to the local community

Maintenance of tradition through sharing the experiences. Our work supports and maintains the local culture and manufacture as a business (i.e. Pilgrim Lodges, Shinto Shrines, Hotels, Local Food Culture including farmers.) We donate 1% of our sales, or 10% of revenue, whichever is higher, to the local community.


Company name Megurun Inc.
Address 120-2 Konkoji, Yabase, Tsuruoka, Yamagata-Prefecture, JAPAN
Founder & CEO Takeharu Kato


Takeharu Kato
Founder & CEO

In 2011, Mr. Takeharu Kato was working in Hakuhodo, but was in search of something more powerful, something with more meaning. He moved to Tsuruoka-city and launched Megurun Inc., a company aimed at promoting the wonder of the region, in particular, Yamabushi-oriented activities and philosophy. Megurun Inc. is dedicated to promoting the local area in a global context. And to promoting the use of renewable energy to enable a sustainable life.

Tim Bunting
Project Leader

Tim Bunting is a certified Yamabushi with more than a decade of experience in Yamagata living near the Dewa Sanzan. Originally from New Zealand, the self-professed nature lover spent many of his formative years in the great outdoors, and truly feels at home amongst the vast forests, sprawling rice fields, and mountains of Yamagata Prefecture.

For Tim, the Dewa Sanzan holds a special importance as a place to get away from the real world, and back to a simpler time, that he believes is something that could benefit people from the world over. Tim’s interests include Japanese history and culture (he is the curator of dewasanzan.com), coffee, photography, music, and sports such as cricket and rugby.


We offer a range of self-development programs throughout the year. Contact us using this form or visit Megurun.com for more.


Options and customized experiences are also available.

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