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To share our precious Japanese culture, and knowledge and wisdom with citizens of the world, in the hope they will be inspired, and will pass them onto the next generation.

To enrich ourselves with our work, connecting to nature, reviving ourselves, and to obtain sufficiency of life and happiness.

To offer the tools of Yamabushi culture to anyone who feels that it can benefit the suffering and challenges being experienced anywhere in the world.


Continuous Succession of Precious Local Culture

The Price is the result of Product-out concept, piling up the proper Cost.

Japan is now under economical deflation, so the proper cost to maintain precious local culture which has good quality, or the service to support the good culture, are not included in the product prices. Unfortunately, it makes the cultural literacy of the Japanese people quite low, they do not pay enough for the cultural matters, and cultural business and succession to the younger generations are in critical situations as they can not be materialized.

Therefore, in this Yamabushido Training Program, we pay the proper costs to support and maintain the local culture and manufacture as a business (i.e. Pilgrim Lodges, Shinto Shrines, Hotels, Local Food Culture including farmers.)

We restore 1 percent of our sales to the local community.

There are less contributions and donations from people in general which causes problems for the maintenance and protection of cultural assets. We need to build up a new approach to solve this problem, therefore, 1 percent of our sales from this Yamabushido Program will be contributed to maintain the cultural assets in Shonai, such as stone steps and the range of cedars in Mt. Haguro, repair of thatched roofs of the Dewa Shines, etc.

Therefore, in this Yamabushido Training Program, we pay the proper costs to support and maintain the local culture and manufacture as a business(i.e. Pilgrim lodges, Shinto Shrines, Hotels, Local Food Culture including farmers.)

Realization of Peace of the World

We support to keep diversity of culture

There are more disparities between big cities and local communities as the Global Economy has accelerated while the uniqueness of local culture has vanished rapidly.
That makes the universe MONO cultural, and as the result of it, the economical difference has expanded and made world very unstable, causing many conflicts between many countries.

UNESCO has started a new designation system called ‘Creative Cities’ to maintain and develop Cultural Diversities for cities all over the world. This is one effort that many are trying to promote Cultural Diversities, the Integrity of Indigenous Culture, to understand each other and admit the variety of societies.

Yamabushido supports this idea because we think it will lead us to the Universal Peace.
Tsuruoka City, which Megurun is based in, has been designated as a Creative City of Food Gastronomy in 2012.

Pray for the World Peace during the Program

During Yamabushido Training, we often say prayers and chant for World Peace and Happiness of people. There are also prayers for the Happiness, Good Health, Daily Safety, Healing from Illness and Disease of the participants and their families; as well as prayers for the repose of the souls of the victims from Terrorism, such as 911, and Disasters such as 2011 Tsunami.

The chant prayed by Guides contains concrete words for them. If you have some special wishes to be prayed for, it is also possible to request it before the training starts. The guide will put it into the chant.


Company name Megurun Inc.
Address 120-2 Konkoji, Yabase, Tsuruoka, Yamagata-Prefecture, JAPAN
Founder & CEO Takeharu Kato


Takeharu Kato
Founder & CEO

In 2011, Mr. Takeharu Kato was working in Hakuhodo, but was in search of something more powerful, something with more meaning. He moved to Tsuruoka-city and launched Megurun Inc., a company aimed at promoting the wonder of the region, in particular, Yamabushi-oriented activities and philosophy. Megurun Inc. is dedicated to promoting the local area in a global context. And to promoting the use of renewable energy to enable a sustainable life.


We are also available to arrange customized programs based on your interests, and for specific groups of customers (for example a program aimed at Coaches and Therapists, a program for Senior Executives etc.).

  • Meditation at Gyokusenji-temple
  • Calligraphy (shakyo)

Please get in touch if you have some question or you’d like to know if we can arrange a customized experience for you.

Options and customized experiences are also available.

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